Venues in London

All posts and images from London

2020/12/29Open House 2020

Looking through some green vines to the interior of a large greenhouse.

2020/12/13Bruce Nauman at the Tate Modern

A large neon sculpture comprised of multiple overlaid words. The photo is taken from the side.

2019/10/27Mona Hatoum: Remains to be seen

PIeces of concrete are suspended between lengths of steel in a regular grid pattern.

2019/09/17Olafur Eliasson: In real life

A fine mist of water drops in a dark room, lit from the side. A woman stands in front of the artwork.

2019/05/26A brutalist walk

Looking up at one of the entrances to the National Theatre. The photo is symmetrical - the corner leads to a stairwell at 45º, and the camera is at the bottom of the stairs.

2019/05/25The People’s vote march

A single protest sign held high in the air. It’s white with black text. The text reads ‘Please stop. You’re fucking everything up.’

2019/05/12Grant Museum of Zoology

Small cork capped vials of bone fragments stacked end to end, row upon row.

2019/01/13Futuro House

A detail of the exterior of Futuro house.  There’s two oval windows emanating yellow light, and white light on a building near the house.

2019/01/04Light painting with drones

A photo taken in a dark warehouse from above, looking down. There’s a single blue line of light snaking from the floor to the ceiling.

2019/01/01New Year’s

Three phones are held in the air taking photos of fireworks in the distance.

2018/11/30Barbican photowalk with James

Looking up through a void in a roof, forming a triangle of sky. Framed in the sky is the top of a tower block in the Barbican, which also forms a triangle shape.

2018/11/28Richmond Park at dawn

A large stag faces the camera, lit from the right with dawn sunlight

2018/11/13Enjoying the last warm days of autumn

A photo of an egyptian goose walking towards the camera with soft dappled light behind it.

2018/11/07Visiting the National Physical Laboratory

A macro photo through a circular window looking at several sensing instruments pointing at a coin.

2018/10/28Tunnel Visions: Array

A photo looking straight down the covered Beech Street. The photo is dark, with a projection of a solar system on the ceiling.

2018/10/26Lumiere London 2018

A photo of a light triangular light sculpture. A series of triangles is each lit up in white and bright colours. The triangles recede in to the distance.

2018/10/15Space Shifters at the Hayward Gallery

A close macro photo of a translucent dark red and violet object. There are blurred people in the background.

2018/10/14Wandering around the Barbican

The exterior of the Barbican conservatory.

2018/10/11Open House 2018

The front entrance to Hammersmith Town Hall. The entrance has staircases on either side.