Barbican photowalk with James

James had a free morning, so we met up - cameras in hand - and walked in and about the Barbican. Once again we had some glorious late autumn sunshine.

Looking up the void of a staircase through a metal grate. The void is triangular.

I was approached by a local resident who wanted to show me three unique angles to shoot from. This being one, and the triangle of sky below another. Great views of the sort you might see on a postcard of the area.

Facing the exterior of a glass fronted building straight on. There’s a metal spiral staircase with yellow treads connecting the two floors.
Looking up through a void in a roof, forming a triangle of sky. Framed in the sky is the top of a tower block in the Barbican, which also forms a triangle shape.
Looking up at the top of a tower block on the Golden Lane estate. The block has contrasting patches of bright white and yellow.
A photo of a several washing machines in a laundromat. The one immediately in front of the camera has its door open.
A photo of a vintage washing machine in a laundromat.
A photo of James Greig as he takes a photo of some shrubs silhouette against the sun.
A photo of an exterior wall in the Barbican. The wall is pebbledash concrete. On the left and right side are white tiles.
Several plants inside the Barbican conservatory.
Several cactus in the foreground and background, with James looking outwards on the left hand side.
Several prickly stems of a cactus backlit by sunlight
Looking up a spiral staircase at the level above. There’s a red door in the distance.
Looking straight on down an exterior walkway in the Barbican. There’s a balcony / walkway at the end, and an autumnal tree lit up brilliantly in orange in the afternoon sun.

James posted his version of this photo on Instagram.

Looking through a glass window with several reflections.