Grant Museum of Zoology

The Grant Museum of Zoology is a fascinating museum in central London I’d somehow never heard of. It’s full of curiosities and pieces of dead things in glass jars. A great place to spend a rainy winter afternoon.

A sponge specimen of Geordia norvegica inside a glass vial.
Geordia norvegica

Visitors are invited to adopt a specimen - for a year or for life - a unique gift idea for sure. They welcome photography - but with copious amounts of glass and poor lighting it’s a real challenge.

Five glass microscope slides filled with various specimens. They each have cream labels and handwritten notes.

The most popular exhibit by far was a small room (about 1m square) filled along the walls with annotated glass slides. Instagram photos from the museum are filled with shots from this one area.

Small skeletons on display behind glass.
Small cork capped vials of bone fragments stacked end to end, row upon row.
A close up of a hornbill skull. The top of the beak has a sponge like quality.
A hornbill skull.