The People’s vote march

We’re in to the last days of May, so now seems a good time to post some photos from the March 23 Put it to the people march. A great day with everyone in good spirits despite the dire state of our country and politics.

As usual I was really impressed by the signs and creativity on display.

A single protest sign held high in the air. It’s white with black text. The text reads ‘Please stop. You’re fucking everything up.’
A large protest sign high in the air. The sign shows the Article 50 petition on and in large letters shows that it had more than 4.3 million signatures.
A protest sign taped to the back of a woman in a black leather jacket. The sign looks like an emergency exit sign and reads “Exit; BREXIT”.
An inflatable gold star stuck in a tree.
A 3D lion and a unicorn made out of tissue paper on either side of a round sign - in the form of the Royal coat of arms. The sign reads “Let’s work together”.
A sea of blue EU flags and protest signs in the crowd at the protest.