A brutalist walk

I fancied taking some photos yesterday so decided to photograph two venues I’d not really shot before ― the National Theatre and Brunswick Centres.

Looking up at one of the entrances to the National Theatre. The photo is symmetrical - the corner leads to a stairwell at 45º, and the camera is at the bottom of the stairs.
A close detail photo of the upper square corner of one part of the National Theatre’s roof.
A close detail of a section of the National Theatre’s roof. In the foreground is the edge of a corner of concrete with wood effect. In the background another building roof can be seen slightly blurred.
Looking down on two concrete supports for the first floor terrace of the National Theatre. The floor is tiled and the photo is otherwise very grey.
A close shot of the roof of the Hayward gallery. The roof is covered in metal and glass pyramids to capture light.
Looking up at a series of concrete balconies on the upper levels of the Brunswick Centre.
Upper balconies of the Brunswick Centre.
Looking up at a series of concrete supports.
A detail of one of the Brunswick Centre’s stairwells from the side.
Looking up at the exterior of one of the stairwells of the Brunswick Centre.