Futuro House

Futuro Houses were built between the late 60s and early 70s as a ski house that would be easy to construct and move. Very few survive today - but are lovingly kept up by their owners. In 2017 one was placed on the roof of Central St. Martins for people to explore.

A detail of the exterior of Futuro house.  There’s two oval windows emanating yellow light, and white light on a building near the house.

The owner of this one talked to us about how he spotted it on holiday in South Africa rusting on the hillside. He negotiated the sale and then had to work out how to transport it back to the UK.

Facing straight on Futuro House. It’s on the roof of a building on a cloudy night.

Over several years he and some friends restored the Futuro House, including making moulds of parts from other Futuro Houses to replace lost and broken parts of thier own.

A detail of the center of the ceiling of Futuro house. There are three oval light shades suspended from the ceiling.
A panorama of the interior of Futuro house. There’s six yellow padded seats against the wall, and four white tulip chairs with yellow padded seats in the foreground.
A detail of yellow padded seating inside Futuro house.

Probably the closest I’ve come to feeling both in the future and transported back to the 60s.