Enjoying the last warm days of autumn

The autumn colours and gorgeous light keeps going this year. I spent a lovely afternoon with my mom wandering around the manicured gardens and taking photos.

A photo of an egyptian goose walking towards the camera with soft dappled light behind it.
An egyptian goose.
A young fox walks from right to left in short grass, ears pricked up.
A photo taken from a bridge down a stretch of stream. There’s autumnal trees on either side. In the distance another bridge can be seen with a heron sat on it.
A close macro photo of a pale orange rose, with soft dappled light in the background.
A photo of a cardoon head in autumn sunlight. It looks like a cross between a thistle and an artichoke.
A photo of some fluffy tufts on some bushes. They’re backlit by sunlight.
Looking down a long walkway flanked by leafless trees on each side.