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2020/01/27Aonach Mòr

A high zoom photo looking towards a section of the CMD arete on a sunny day. Tiny figures can be seen descending it.

2020/01/26Ring of Steall

Chris walking ahead up a snowy mountain - there’s low visibility and a few flakes of snow in the air.

2020/01/24Ledge route and CMD Arete

Chris at the start of the CMD Arete, going down. It’s very snowy with low visibility. The ridge is only just visible.

2019/11/15Morrison’s Gully

Chris walking away from the camera and towards Beinn Eighe, just at sunrise.

2019/02/07Mullach nan Coirean and most of Stob Bàn

Chris stands at the foot of a snowy coire with early morning sun ahead of him.

2019/02/05A weekend in Glencoe

Two groups of climbers walk towards the horizon in snow. The sky is foggy / overcast and blending in with the ground. The climbers are all wearing brightly coloured clothing.

2019/01/08Sgòr Gaoith, not that you’d know it

A photo of a rocky cliff partially covered in snow. There’s strong fog everywhere so the background and bottom of the cliff can’t be seen. There’s a shadow of a person at the tip of the cliff.

2019/01/06Climbing Fiacaill ridge

A photo taken facing along Fiacaill ridge. There’s climbers walking along various sections of it, with one in the foreground.

2018/12/19Walking in Gleann Eanaich

A photo taken from behind as Chris walks ahead. The sun is directly ahead causing Chris to be mostly silhouette with brightly lit edges of his body. The surrounding countryside is fresh with evergreen trees and a snowy mountain in the background.

2018/12/17Our first solo winter adventure

A hand in the foreground holds a compass and map. In the background is a figure walking away. The compass is pointing towards the figure.

2018/12/16Learning some winter skills

A man uses the corner of a compass to look at a map. He’s sat inside a snow hole.