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2024/02/11Thin air

A cavernous dark warehouse. Several lights can be seen pointed at the floor like spotlights - some red and some white. Several figures can be seen silhouetted in the dark.

2024/02/02UVA Synchronicity

A pitch black room. A series of small white spheres are in the centre in a line to the distance. They are faintly light from the right casting shadows on the left wall. The White spheres look like moons.

2024/01/29Canary Wharf winter lights

A close crop of of a lighting installation formed from many rings stacked in front of each other, with the inside of the ring light up in solid white. Seen from the front you can see many partial solid arks of white in a geometric pattern.

2020/08/13Lumiere Durham 2019

Four vertical panels are side by side in the dark. They’re light from behind with bright neon colours, projected with shadows of birdcages.

2018/10/26Lumiere London 2018

A photo of a light triangular light sculpture. A series of triangles is each lit up in white and bright colours. The triangles recede in to the distance.