Sgòr Gaoith, not that you'd know it

A successful day, but not much to see or show for it. I’d looked up a few options for routes around Aviemore that we could attempt - this seemed suitable given the conditions. We would set off from near Balachroick, following the valley towards Càrn Bàn Mòr, before diverting East towards Sgòr Gaoth. Returning via the humps of Meall Buidhe and Geal-Charn.

Chris taking a photo looking down a sunny hillside. There’s dark clouds in the background.

The day started of with bright sunlight and crisp air. Some lovely colours about.

A photo pointing down at moss and grasses. The moss is deep red in colour.
Chris hiking in a t-shirt on a brown grassy path. There’s partially snow covered hills in the distance.

With low winds and a steady pace we kept warm as we gained altitude. The weather got progressively more gloomy and foggy.

Ed hiking uphill on a partially snow covered slope.
Photo by Chris Natt.
A photo of a rocky cliff partially covered in snow. There’s strong fog everywhere so the background and bottom of the cliff can’t be seen. There’s a shadow of a person at the tip of the cliff.
Photo by Chris Natt.

Sgòr Gaoith is an impressive ridge on the West side of the Gleann Eanaich. Photos look incredible. Sadly the view from the top was less than ideal on our visit.

A gloved hand holds a compass and map in front of the camera as a blurred figure walks ahead in the distance surrounded by snow and fog.

We’d originally planned to walk along the ridge towards Sgòran Dubh Mòr - but decided against it as we wouldn’t see anything. Instead we spent the afternoon practising our navigation on the way back to the car. There was thick fog, but heading West, North-West away from the ridge presented lots of safe space to practice. We picked out nav targets in turn made our way home.

Ed looking down at a compass held precisely on a map.
Photo by Chris Natt.

In all, not the thrilling day we’d hoped for - but a successful outing in winter nonetheless. Our first year of winter mountaineering a success!