Aonach Mòr

Day 3 - Rest day #

A pleasant walk around the Glenfinnan viaduct and postal museum.

The Glenfinnan viaduct seen from the side.

Day 4 - Aonach Mòr #

After a rest day we both found ourselves still straigned from our first two days’ adventures. For an easy final day I took the lift up to Aonach Mòr and had a wander over to Aonach Beag

A small wooden shelter on a snowy mountainside with deep blue sky.
Three sets of footprints rise out from the snow. They’re compressed bits of snow, and the surrounding snow has eroded away.
Footprints in the snow.
Two climbing bags lean against each other - deserted on a snowy plateau.
A snowy cornice seen from the side.
A lone cross country skier on an otherwise flat and snowy plateau.
Looking towards the Ben Nevis. In the foreground, the CMD arete can be seen snaking down and across the frame.
Ben Nevis and the CMD arete.

The CMD arete looking very different in sunlight than just two days before.

A high zoom photo looking towards a section of the CMD arete on a sunny day. Tiny figures can be seen descending it.
Looking far south over the horizon from Aonach Mòr. There’s a low cloud inversion, so just the tops of various mountains can be seen.
A panorama taken from Aonach Mòr looking towards Ben Nevis. The sky is sunny and deep blue, and there’s a cloud inversion, so the ground isn’t visible.

Day 5 - Dalmore #

Looking side on to a small boat on stilts out of water.
Looking across a wide lake on a grey day. In the distance is a small industrial boat. The water has regular horizontal dark bands - like a barcode - caused by ripples from a passing boat.