Morrison’s Gully

We wanted to explore a new bit of Scotland for our fifth winter hiking trip. Skye is on our list, but also rather daunting. Instead we headed for Torridon - an altogether different landscape than our previous trips.

The winter season mostly collapsed the week before our arrival, so we were disappointed to find precious little snow on the mountains. With limited options we decided on Morrison’s Gully - with the thinking being this was the most likely place to find some snow.

A photo of a valley in Torridon, just before sunrise. The sky is bright, but the land very dark still.

Setting off before dawn, we had a long and beautiful approach around the back of Beinn Eighe.

Ed walking towards the camera, approaching a small stream. It’s just after dawn and the sun is directly in front.
Photo by Chris Natt.
Chris walking away from the camera and towards Beinn Eighe, just at sunrise.
Panorama from side of Beinn Eighe. The landscape is brown with patches of green in a partially sunny day.
A panorama from the base of Beinn Eighe, looking north. In the right of the frame a small waterfall flows left. Chris is stood at the top of the waterfall in a bright red jacket.

The landscape behind Beinn Eighe was spectacular - I think we’d both like to come again in the summer and just camp around here and explore. For this day though, we needed to press on and up the gully.

Looking up at Morrison’s gully in Beinn Eighe from below.
Looking up a snowy gully. Chris is mid way up the frame, crouched in the snow, looking at the camera.
Looking down a steep gully from up high. The base of the gully is filled with snow.
Chris and Ed pose for a photo on top of Beinn Eighe. They both have heavy jackets and helmets on.
A photo taken from mid-way up Beinn Eighe, pointing down. Chris is ahead, descending the mountain.