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2019/05/19Getaria and on to Bilbao airport

A narrow street in Getaria, with sunlight on one side.

2019/05/18Eating all the pintxos

A plate of pintxos on a wooden bench next to a basket of bread, a glass of beer, and a glass of white wine. One pinxto is a slice of baguette with ham. The other is half of a sea urchin.

2019/05/17To San Sebastián

Looking down on the beaches of San Sebastián from above.

2018/11/05La Sagrada Família

Looking towards the ceiling of the main atrium of la Sagrada Família. The very top of the ceiling is especially bright from many small lights.

2018/11/03Gaudí and some more museums

A photo of a 3-part folding mirror in a bathroom. Reflected in the mirrors are a sink, a bath, and a doorway.

2018/11/01A day trip to Montserrat

A view of the town of Montserrat. The cathedral is in the foreground, with mountains looming behind.

2018/10/31To Barcelona

A photo of an octopus dish served at El Xampanyet.