Getaria and on to Bilbao airport

With a spare day and sun in the forecast, we caught the bus for the neighbouring town of Getaria. Fabled to have amazing seafood and picturesque streets.

A narrow street in Getaria, with sunlight on one side.
Looking up at the exterior of a church window. The surround is made from brown bricks, and you can see the neighbouring building reflected in the window glass.
Looking up to a circular opening in a wooden roof.

Getaria is certainly picturesqe - but we struck out on the food front. Every restaurant we tried wanted reservations. No walk-ups here.

Looking across to the other side of a street in Getaria. In the central divider there is a red rowing boat.
A concrete sculpture at the side of the road. The sculpture resembles origami with lots of folded corners.
A roadside sculpture resembling origami - located here.

With some time off work I decided to extend my holiday - travelling to Bilbao airport to catch a flight to Lisbon. I showed my mom off at the bus station and ventured on to more sun and sights.

Inside the San Sebastián bus station. The loading bay is large and dark, with a circular sculpture in the middle, letting light in from above.
The San Sebastián bus station loading bay.
Cracked white markings on tarmac. They’re in a regular grid pattern with arrows at one end.
Looking down to a street intersection.
The interior of the roof of Bilbao airport.