To San Sebastián

With some time off from work, my mom and I visited San Sebastián for a few days. Day 1 included much walking and many pintxos.

Rezola cement museum and factory #

What better way to start a holiday than with a visit to the local cement museum and factory. The museum was quick to go through with a couple cool models. More impressive was the real factory next door.

Lynn stands in front of the Rezola cement factory. There’s a winding cycle path in front of her.
A close shot of the wall of the Rezola cement factory. The wall is made of grey corrugated steel with yellow trim.

Monte Igueldo #

A short funicular ride up monte Igueldo brings visitors to a great view back over San Sebastián’s beaches.

Looking out the window to the stairwell of the Monte Igueldo funicular station.
Inside the funicular station.
Looking down on the beaches of San Sebastián from above.

Rather bizarrely, there’s a small funfair at the top of the mountain.

A retro looking sign that reads ‘Cosmicar entrada’ with sci-fi looking graphics.
Bumper cars sit unused at the top of a mountain. In the background the city of San Sebastián can be seen below.
Dodgems on a mountain side.
Looking straight on to a green doorway. The door is covered in stickers and graffiti.

The Comb of the Wind #

A lovely sculpture by Eduardo Chillida at the base of monte Igueldo.

A photo of two parts of a large iron sculpture by artist Eduardo Chillida. The sculptures sit on the coastline with the sea to the right. One piece dominates in the foreground, with another just visible in the background.
The Comb of the Wind, 1977, by Eduardo Chillida.
A close photo of a rusting iron sculpture by artist Eduardo Chillida. The sculpture splits in to three arms that curve outwards and then inwards.
The Comb of the Wind, 1977, by Eduardo Chillida.
A photo looking down on choppy sea water from above.