Recent photos

Open House 2020

Photos from my tour of Open House 2020.

Looking through some green vines to the interior of a large greenhouse.

Bruce Nauman at the Tate Modern

Visiting my first exhibition in 10 months

A large neon sculpture comprised of multiple overlaid words. The photo is taken from the side.

Sunrise on Snowdon

Crossing Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach from west to east.

The jagged face of snowdon before sunrise. The mountain has a light dusting of snow on the top.

The Glyders

Crossing Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach from west to east.

Chris crosses a series of tall rocks pointing straight up in the air like crystals.

Lumiere Durham 2019

Photos from the bi-annual light show in Durham

Four vertical panels are side by side in the dark. They’re light from behind with bright neon colours, projected with shadows of birdcages.

All around Yorkshire

A lone sheep stands on the edge of a ledge looking at the camera.

Whernside wild camp

A wild camp at one of the original three peaks

Ed and Chris stand in silhouette towards a very right and golden sunset.

Scafell Pike via the Corridor route and Great End

A much needed hike to the top of England

A small crevasse in the hillside, with a stream running through the middle.

Aonach Mòr

A high zoom photo looking towards a section of the CMD arete on a sunny day. Tiny figures can be seen descending it.

Ring of Steall

Also known as 'The day that broke both of us'

Chris walking ahead up a snowy mountain - there’s low visibility and a few flakes of snow in the air.

Ledge route and CMD Arete

Chris at the start of the CMD Arete, going down. It’s very snowy with low visibility. The ridge is only just visible.

Wandering the West Highlands

A cream coloured highland cow with large horns faces the camera. There’s long shaggy hair covering it’s eyes.

Morrison’s Gully

Chris walking away from the camera and towards Beinn Eighe, just at sunrise.

To the end of the world

Ed sat on a large rock, overlooking a large and deep valley.

Refuge de Sales and on to Pointe de Sales

Looking up a valley. A path ascends the valley on the right, with Oj walking half way up it.

Mona Hatoum: Remains to be seen

PIeces of concrete are suspended between lengths of steel in a regular grid pattern.

Olafur Eliasson: In real life

A fine mist of water drops in a dark room, lit from the side. A woman stands in front of the artwork.

Glastonbury 2019

Back to Somerset for our tenth visit to Worthy farm.

Fireworks in front of the Glastonbury flags.

Crossing Dartmoor

Hiking the length of Dartmoor, South to North

A hiker walks ahead of the camera silhouetted by afternoon sun ahead. There’s tufty grass all around and no clear path.

Last day in Lisbon

Looking up at the ruins of the Carmo Convent. All that remains are the arches of the building, with blue sky where the ceiling would be.


A day trip to visit a palace and a castle.

A view of one corner of the Castle of the Moors with fortified walls receding in to the distance.

To Belém and Maat

A day of historic buildings, industrial exploration, and modern sights.

Wide angle photo looking up from the central courtyard at the Torre de Belém. The walls of the courtyard loom on each side, with the main tower in front. The sky is bright blue with no clouds.

Expo ’98

A visit to the Parque das Nações and home of Expo ’98

Looking directly up the Torre Galp from just inside the structure. The structure is painted in a light green-blue colour and made of many steel beams. On the right a walkway arcs around the frame.

Lisbon day 1

A funicular car descending a steep street in bright sunlight.

Otford to Eynsford

A point to point walk in the Kent countryside.

Oj walking ahead down a straight path. On the left are rows of wheat. On the right is a hedge of wild flowers.

A brutalist walk

Walking around the Southbank and Brunswick centres

Looking up at one of the entrances to the National Theatre. The photo is symmetrical - the corner leads to a stairwell at 45º, and the camera is at the bottom of the stairs.

The People’s vote march

A single protest sign held high in the air. It’s white with black text. The text reads ‘Please stop. You’re fucking everything up.’

Wild camping on the South Downs

Eastbourne to Lewes via the South Downs way.

A wooden sign points the way along the South Downs way in late afternoon sunlight.

Getaria and on to Bilbao airport

A narrow street in Getaria, with sunlight on one side.

Eating all the pintxos

A plate of pintxos on a wooden bench next to a basket of bread, a glass of beer, and a glass of white wine. One pinxto is a slice of baguette with ham. The other is half of a sea urchin.

To San Sebastián

Day 1: dodgems, a cement museum, and rusting sculptures

Looking down on the beaches of San Sebastián from above.

Grant Museum of Zoology

Small cork capped vials of bone fragments stacked end to end, row upon row.

Mullach nan Coirean and most of Stob Bàn

A loop through the West Mamores.

Chris stands at the foot of a snowy coire with early morning sun ahead of him.

A weekend in Glencoe

Back to Scotland for our third winter trip.

Two groups of climbers walk towards the horizon in snow. The sky is foggy / overcast and blending in with the ground. The climbers are all wearing brightly coloured clothing.

Futuro House

Exploring the 60s ski house of the future.

A detail of the exterior of Futuro house.  There’s two oval windows emanating yellow light, and white light on a building near the house.

Haslemere cicular

A day walk with some friends from April 2017.

A light sandy path twists away from the camera. There’s tall trees in the distance and bright yellow flowers along the edge of the path.

Sgòr Gaoith, not that you'd know it

A photo of a rocky cliff partially covered in snow. There’s strong fog everywhere so the background and bottom of the cliff can’t be seen. There’s a shadow of a person at the tip of the cliff.

Climbing Fiacaill ridge

Pushing our winter skills a little bit further.

A photo taken facing along Fiacaill ridge. There’s climbers walking along various sections of it, with one in the foreground.

Light painting with drones

A photo taken in a dark warehouse from above, looking down. There’s a single blue line of light snaking from the floor to the ceiling.

New Year’s

Shooting photos of people shooting photos of fireworks.

Three phones are held in the air taking photos of fireworks in the distance.

Walking in Gleann Eanaich

Making the most of a sunny morning before flying home.

A photo taken from behind as Chris walks ahead. The sun is directly ahead causing Chris to be mostly silhouette with brightly lit edges of his body. The surrounding countryside is fresh with evergreen trees and a snowy mountain in the background.

Our first solo winter adventure

Putting our new found skills in to practice.

A hand in the foreground holds a compass and map. In the background is a figure walking away. The compass is pointing towards the figure.

Learning some winter skills

Doing a 2 day winter skills course at Glenmore Lodge

A man uses the corner of a compass to look at a map. He’s sat inside a snow hole.

Tettegouche state park

Hiking up to High Falls as the world starts to freeze.

A photo taken from high up, overlooking a bend in Baptism river. The river is mostly covered in snow and ice. There’s sparkles in the air from snow flying about.

Off to the North Shore

A small lighthouse at the end of a pier is silhouette in front of a setting sun.

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Exploring the museum dedicated to radio, television, telegraphy, and other broadcasting media.

A photo of the front of a vintage recording device. The device has a label on the front reading “Tapak ‘NewsCaster’ spring-driven recorder”

To Minnesota for Thanksgiving

Looking along the shore of Lake Harriet. Close to the shore the edges of the lake have frozen in to intricate shapes. The banks are brown and autumnal.

Barbican photowalk with James

Looking up through a void in a roof, forming a triangle of sky. Framed in the sky is the top of a tower block in the Barbican, which also forms a triangle shape.

Richmond Park at dawn

Up far too early to photograph the deer at dawn.

A large stag faces the camera, lit from the right with dawn sunlight

Walking the Rehberger way

Following the 24-stop sculpture walk between the Vitra Design Museum and Foundation Beyeler.

A photo of a sculpture in a field. It consists of 12 poles emerging from the earth and pointing upwards. They’re arranged in a row, and are coloured like a rainbow, from green to blue, red, and yellow.

Museum Tinguely

Exploring the museum dedicated to the swiss sculptor.

Wide photo of pale green room with several red mechanical sculptures in the middle.

A weekend in Basel

Swimming in the Rhine and more museums than is healthy.

A panorama of the Rhine taken from the middle of a bridge.

Enjoying the last warm days of autumn

A photo of an egyptian goose walking towards the camera with soft dappled light behind it.

Visiting the National Physical Laboratory

Photos from an afternoon touring the NPL's open day.

A macro photo through a circular window looking at several sensing instruments pointing at a coin.

Autumn in Windsor Great park

Photos from Windsor Great park, Virginia Waters, and The Savill Garden.

A photo of four people walking in late evening sunlight. They’re silhouetted with sunlight behind them.

La Sagrada Família

Exploring Gaudí's 135 year masterpiece.

Looking towards the ceiling of the main atrium of la Sagrada Família. The very top of the ceiling is especially bright from many small lights.

Gaudí and some more museums

A visit to Casa Milà, a cable car ride, and some more museums.

A photo of a 3-part folding mirror in a bathroom. Reflected in the mirrors are a sink, a bath, and a doorway.

A day trip to Montserrat

Just an hour outside Barcelona lies the mountain range of Montserrat.

A view of the town of Montserrat. The cathedral is in the foreground, with mountains looming behind.

To Barcelona

A long weekend of museums, markets, and tapas.

A photo of an octopus dish served at El Xampanyet.

Tunnel Visions: Array

Photos from the sound and light installation in Beech street.

A photo looking straight down the covered Beech Street. The photo is dark, with a projection of a solar system on the ceiling.

Lumiere London 2018

Photos from the annual light show in London

A photo of a light triangular light sculpture. A series of triangles is each lit up in white and bright colours. The triangles recede in to the distance.

In the Peak District

A few days of pleasant (if cold) walks between Christmas and New Years

A hiker with hiking pole descends a snow covered hill at sunset.

Autumn colours at Westonbirt Arboretum

Photos from my day trip to the national arboretum in autumn 2017.

Many yellow-orange maple leaves are lit up in sunlight against a dark background.

Space Shifters at the Hayward Gallery

Photos from the Hayward Gallery's latest exhibition.

A close macro photo of a translucent dark red and violet object. There are blurred people in the background.

Wandering around the Barbican

Where better to spend a sunny October day.

The exterior of the Barbican conservatory.

Open House 2018

Photos from my tour of Open House 2018.

The front entrance to Hammersmith Town Hall. The entrance has staircases on either side.