The Glyders

In late November last year the weather was looking nice for the weekend, so Chris and I made a last minute dash to Snowdonia for some fresh air.

We picked a route over the Glyders from west to east. Setting off well before dawn we had some lovely views of sunrise.

Ed looking out over lake at dawn.
Photo by Chris Natt.
A style on a mountainside at dawn.
Chris crosses a series of tall rocks pointing straight up in the air like crystals.

The Glyders (Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach) have a series of rocky outcroppings which are great for exploring. They were stunning with a touch of frost on them.

Ed walks along a rocky crest.
Photo by Chris Natt.
Chris reaches up to a large cantilevered overhanging him.
A soft photo of some jagged rocks.
A close photo of the edge of a jagged and sharp rock at the top of Glyder Fawr.
Chris descends a gently sloping hillside covered in large frost-covered boulders.
Ed and Chris pose on the other side of a small pond with arms outstretched. The pond is frozen with crystals extending over the surface.

Having done the Glyders and Snowdon on the same weekend, I found the Glyders much more rewarding - you get more interesting views (including across to Snowdon), more interesting terain to explore, and less people.