Lumiere Durham 2019

In November last year I travelled up to Durham to visit the bi-annual Lumiere light show. I’ve visited before when it came to London, but never to Durham where it started.

The weather wasn’t ideal for this year’s festival - so it was an interesting challenge of getting around and taking photos whilst keeping at least moderately dry.

Four vertical panels are side by side in the dark. They’re light from behind with bright neon colours, projected with shadows of birdcages.
Shadow birdcages by Jony Easterby

These birdcages by Jony Easterby were probably my favourite installation - simple in design, but fascinating and beautiful in execution.

A birdcage is hung outside at night with bright green and red leds just behind it. In the foreground the shadows and light are projected on a screen.
Shadow birdcages by Jony Easterby
Feathers spin quickly at night. They’re lit from below, and look almost like smoke.
Feather Turnstones by Jony Easterby
Orange streaks of light in a dark woodland.
For the Birds, 2017, by Jony Easterby & Kathy Hinde, Mark Anderson, Pippa Taylor, Ulf Pedersen
The frame is filled with circles of light in an arc pattern. The colours vary from deep oranges to light lilac.
Light tunnel by Dan Shorten / Guildhall Live
Orange balls of light hand suspended from darkness
Wave by Squidsoup
The vast hall of Durham Cathedral at night. The hall is filled at various levels by warm hanging lights. On closer inspection, the lights are made from white vests lit from within.
Spirit by Compagnie Carabosse
Pairs of brightly coloured lights in the shape of shoes dangle from a line suspended between two rows of houses.
Shoefiti by Deepa Mann-Kler
A large cylindrical light projects abstract patterns outwards on to the surrounding walls
Celestial brainstorm by Amelia Kosminsky
A projector projects repeating patterns on to the trees on a far riverbank.
A projector projects repeating patterns on to the trees on a far riverbank.
A projector projects repeating patterns on to the trees on a far riverbank.
Geometrical traces by Javier Riera

Geometrical traces were my other stand-out from the event. Hard to photograph, but mesmerising in real life.

Durham Cathedral at night, shot from the opposite bank of the river. The trees below are full of white mist.
Fogscape by Fujiko Nakaya and Simon Corder
A neon sign with the word ‘Lumier’ in blue, surrounded by red neon.