Wandering the West Highlands

With no snow on the horizon and wet weather aplenty, we spent the next two days wandering the west highlands on short hikes. First to Applecross via the Bealach na ba pass, and then Slattadale.

A cream coloured highland cow with large horns faces the camera. There’s long shaggy hair covering it’s eyes.
A detail photo of some fishing nets and lobster pots. There’s a bright orange buoy in the foreground.
A detail photo of some fishing nets and lobster pots.
Ed stands facing the camera in a blue jacket and yellow hat.
Photo by Chris Natt.
Chris stands facing the camera in a bright red jacket.
Ed and Chris jumping in the air. The photo is an animation between two frames taken inches apart, giving the pair a 3d quality.
Experimenting with stereoscopic photography. Plus jumping is fun!

I’d recently been scanning some old stereoscopic photos photos of my grandfather’s - and so Chris and I had a go by manually setting off both our slr’s as close together as we could get them.

A hand holding the remains of a crab’s claw
A panorama of a late afternoon beach. There’s tall grass across most of the beach, with a deep blue sky with dark clouds overhead.