To the end of the world

Day 2 #

For our second day we choose an easier route - driving to Joux Plane at 1691m, walking to La Borgeoise, then north to Pointe d’Angolon.

A wide panorama from the Pointe d’Angolon
Oj in the air, mid jump. He’s high up on a mountainside in the bright sun.
Oj climbing a steep path on the left, with a panorama of the alps to the right of him. In the center of the frame is a large pipe emerging from the hillside.
A yellow circle painted on a rock, with a smiling face in the middle.
A close photo of the trunk of a medium sized tree. A stripe of white-red-white stripe has been painted horizontally around the trunk.

Day 3 #

Following the Giffre stream uphill to the source, we got to ‘Le Bout du Monde’ (The end of the world) - which rewards with a spectacular view back through the valley.

A wide panorama of a valley with steep rocky sides.
A brown and white goat with horns stares straight at the camera, with it’s mouth open. It’s stood on a branch of a tree above the photographer.
Ed sat on a large rock, overlooking a large and deep valley.
Several sheep graze on a grassy mountain side.
Ed and Oj sat at a picnic bench half way up a valley. There’s a large red awning above them.
A hiker on a path with a wide sunny valley behind him.