Refuge de Sales and on to Pointe de Sales

With summer fast disappearing, Oj and I escaped to Samoens for a long weekend of hiking and charcuterie.

Day 1 #

A pleasing hike up the Gorges des Sales to the Refuge de Sales, before doubling back up much higher to a great lookout over the valley.

A photo taken from one side of a valley facing the other. The opposite face is deeply scarred, with patches of moss green on the upper faces.
Ed holds a railing as he looks from one side of a steep valley to the other. The side he’s stood on has a near vertical wall of stone, with a path cut out in to it.
Photo by Oliver Wooderson.
Looking up a valley. A path ascends the valley on the right, with Oj walking half way up it.
A panorama taken from the valley of the Refuge de Sales
Looking straight on to the Chapelle de Sales in bright sunlight.
Looking inside a small chapel. The inside is bare except for a few religious artefacts on a cement table.
A white sheep looks directly at the camera
Oj climbs deeply creased rocks under a deep blue sky.
Ed and Oj stand at the top of the Pointe de Salles looking north over the valley.
A panorama looking straight at the Pointe de Chardonnière
Looking back to the Pointe de Chardonnière.
A photo looking down a valley in shadow as the sun sets. The right hand cliff is still lit brightly, in contrast to the dark blue rocks below.