Crossing Dartmoor

Can you hike across the length of Dartmoor in a long weekend? This is what we googled at 6pm the day before setting off on a last minute adventure to the Devonshire national park.

Setting off from Ivybridge at 4:30pm, we arrived in Okehampton 48 hours later and with 62km travelled. Along the way we saw countless sheep, ponies and cows, and had a cracking bbq by the river.

A hiker walks ahead of the camera silhouetted by afternoon sun ahead. There’s tufty grass all around and no clear path.
A small pond at the head of a stream lit by late afternoon sun and deep blue sky.
A panorama of rolling hills in Dartmoor in late evening sunlight. On the left a hiker (Oliver Wooderson) with large rucksack points downhill.
A hiker stands still looking at the camera holding bunches of sticks in each hand. He’s lit from behind by golden sunlight.
A figure is lit by glowing embers of a bbq at night. He’s wearing a head torch and looking to the sky. In the background, the last of the daylight is visible on the horizon.
A small tent and a tarp are set up next to each other at night. The camera is close to the ground looking at them, with stars visible in the sky. The left of the frame is bright orange from a nearby fire. There’s trails of sparks crossing the frame from the fire.
Oliver Wooderson stands on the ruin of a building wall looking in to the inside of the ruin.
A small brown wild pony looks at the camera as it stands near a small stream.
Two people at the top of a tor are jumping in the air.
A hiker with large rucksack walks in front of the camera on a grassy hill.
Two sheep on a grassy hill look at the camera in early evening light. The sky is tinged with blue and pink clouds.
Ed Horsford sat on the ground near a tarp looking away from the camera. He’s lit from one side.
Photo by Oliver Wooderson.
A panorama of a grassy hillside. In the centre a small tent and tarp can be seen set up.
Two grey storage buildings in a foggy grass covered field.
A panorama taking on a foggy day from the side of a small stream. A hiker is ahead on the stream walking downhill.
A panorama in a small moss covered woodland. A hiker is walking downhill on the left.