Last day in Lisbon

On my last day I checked off a few remaining sites from my list - the São Jorge Castle and Carmo Convent.

Looking up a narrow alleyway filled with two flights of steps. The buildings on each side are painted in light pink pastel colours
A portrait photo of the entrance to a 4 storey building at the end of a wide alleyway. The building is painted in pastel-yellow, and has a pastel pink building to the left.
Looking down a series of regular castle battlements. A large olive tree as tall as the battlements is visible on the right.
A peacock looks stood side on looks at the camera. It’s stood in the shade of a peach pastel coloured building.
Looking up at the ruins of the Carmo Convent. All that remains are the arches of the building, with blue sky where the ceiling would be.
An interior view of three windows in the Carmo Convent - the interior is dark but warmly lit by the three windows.
A square panorama looking down from high up to the streets of Lisbon. Down the centre of the frame a pedestrian street recedes. At the bottom of the frame is a large road.