Glastonbury 2019

This was our tenth visit to Glastonbury Festival. It doesn’t feel like ten years - but then again it feels like we’ve always been coming here. It signals the start of Summer.

A panorama of a crowd of people in front of the Pyramid stage.
Holding a Beavertown beer can in golden sunset by a group of tents.
Sunset over Glastonbury. There’s tents on the right and a plane on the left.
James and Oj face away from the camera under at night under a lit tree.
Fireworks in front of the Glastonbury flags.
Several vintage TVs stacked together display abstract brightly coloured slogans.
A close photo of a light sculpture. It is made up of small light coloured cubes which are glowing shades of blue and pink.
A music fan sits on a friend’s shoulders and sways in the yellow smoky light in front of the stage.
Oj and Rogan wait in a crowd for a band to start.
Sunrise over glastonbury festival. The sun is directly ahead silhouetting people walking home.
Sunrise over Glastonbury.