I’m Ed, a designer who loves making great digital products.

I collaborate with user researchers, developers and writers to design things that work for real people. I believe the best solutions come from talking and listening to users, testing ideas early on, and iterating frequently.

I prototype in code - I’ll commit my own SASS and issue pull requests - though mostly I prefer pairing with great developers. Accessibility and making my designs work across a wide user base are crucial to my work.

I work at the Government Digital Service which won design of the year and a D&AD black pencil. We make GOV.UK and are focused on putting users' needs first.

At GDS I've written about our work and research, and contributed my own code.

I designed the UK's passport renewal service and GOV.UK Performance. I did the first designs for GOV.UK Verify, and built the first prototypes for GOV.UK documentation and webchat.

Whilst lead designer at the Home Office I helped build and recruit their design team.

I'm also an Infrastructure and Projects Authority reviewer and experienced Service Standard assessor.

I helped build the GOV.UK Prototype kit, which helps designers rapidly create HTML prototypes of GOV.UK services. We've now trained over 100 designers to use it.

Previously I was at Onzo helping people understand their energy use.

I take lots of photos. Arty ones are on flickr and geeky ones on instagram. You might have seen my balloon photos.

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