Whernside wild camp

Before there was the 3 peak challenge everyone knew about, there were the original 3 peaks (of Yorkshire). We weren’t up for doing the full attempt just yet, but did fancy a wild camp at the top of one of them.

A footpath sign points from right to left, marking the summit of Whernside, 1.75 miles away.
Two shoots of magenta foxgloves in full bloom.
A small tarn in an otherwise featureless landscape.
A stone wall recedes up and in to the distance. Chris stands at the far end looking out over one side.

Unlike other summits I’ve been to, Whernside has a dry stone wall running the entire length of it (with a break at the summit for crossing sides). This made for a much needed windbreak.

A close photo of the top row of stones of a stone all. The stones all lean to one side. In the background the sun is just setting.
Chris in silhouette against an empty hillside, facing the sun as it sets.
Ed and Chris stand in silhouette towards a very right and golden sunset.
Ed and Chris sit on long grass in late golden sunset.
Ed and Chris stand still in the dark next to their tents. Each tent glows slightly from within.
Dawn over Ingleborough
Ingleborough - another of the 3 peaks.
Sunrise over Whernside. Chris stands in the foreground in silhouette, taking a photo of the sun.
Ed stands alone at sunrise looking out over the golden hills.
Photo by Chris Natt.