To Belém and Maat

For my third day in Lisbon I visited the South West - home of the Belém tower and Maat museum. The whole area was unexpectedly photogenic - I could have spent so much more time exploring. The day was a great mix of historic buildings, industrial sites, and modern architecture.

National coach museum #

I didn’t have time to visit this museum, but the exterior was interesting.

A photo of an exterior walkway near the National coach museum. On the right is a glass exterior wall of the building with strong reflections obscuring the inside. On the left are two wide concrete columns supporting the walkway.

Torre de Belém #

A close detail shot of an aged carved marble pillar in the Torre de Belém. The column has a spiral shape with fine flowers carved at regular intervals.
Wide angle photo looking up from the central courtyard at the Torre de Belém. The walls of the courtyard loom on each side, with the main tower in front. The sky is bright blue with no clouds.
A photo of a small warning beacon on a pier. The beacon is painted in white and green stripes. Ed Horsford is stood on a ladder near the top, looking at the camera.

Champalimaud Foundation #

An unexpected photographic highlight - lots of interesting angles to shoot, and virtually deserted.

A panorama in bright sunlight of the Champalimaud Foundation courtyard. On the right the large main wall of the building is visible with three large oval openings cut away.
Looking up at two exterior sculptural concrete towers in the Champalimaud Foundation. The towers are light grey in an otherwise deep blue sky.
A photo taken in the courtyard of the Champalimaud Foundation. There’s a raised platform on the left, with Ed Horsford sat looking at the camera. On the right are two tall concrete towers set against a very deep blue sky.
A detail shot of one oval window of the Champalimaud Foundation. On the right the window is shown at an acute angle, with deep blue sky behind and tree ferns encroaching. In the background a plane can be seen flying away with a white contrail visible against the deep blue sky.

Berardo Collection Museum #

An interior photo of the top of a spiral staircase. The foot of the stairs reads ‘Salida Exit Sortie’
A model of a satellite is just visible in a dark gallery interior.

Jerónimos monastery #

Looking up at the interior of the ceiling in the Jerónimos monastery.
An exterior view of the internal courtyard in the Jerónimos monastery. Several decorative carved pillars in light sandy stone can be seen in strong sunlight.
A bright colourful view of an alleyway. The alley ends in a large mosaic.

Tejo power station #

Looking straight on to a large control panel in Maat. The panel has a several columns of controls and dials and has a light grey-green surface colour.
Looking up at the ceiling of the Maat engine room. There’s various walkways crossing the room and tall thin glass windows going up to the roof.
Looking straight on in the interior of the Maat engine room. there’s a large boiler to the left and tall windows in the background. Black pipes descend from above.
An interior photo of some boilers in Maat. The room is filled with pipes of all sizes and is generally painted in bright primary colours.
A display case of various types of light bulb.

Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology #

A photo taken from the exterior walkway of the new Maat gallery. On the right is the glass exterior wall of the gallery with the letters ‘maat’ visible in large white text. On the left the Tagus river and shore of Porto Brandão can be seen through a long cut away in the walkway.
A close cropped detail of the Maat ceiling. the ceiling is in a flowing curved form and covered in small tiles. A cloudless sky can be seen behind.
A close cropped detail of the Maat ceiling. the ceiling is in a flowing curved form and covered in small tiles. A cloudless sky can be seen behind.
18 small white arrows are painted on a stretch of tarmac. They all point the same way.

Village Underground and LxFactory #

Looking straight on to a bus window. The interior of the window reveals the contents of a small working kitchen. The text ‘village’ is visible in white text in the middle of the window.
A round silver cone points directly at the camera. Iit is surrounded by a colourful mosaic print. It reflects some of the colours from the print.
Looking up at the exterior of a 5 story building. In the middle on the fourth floor one window and wall is knocked out. A group of fake birds are suspended in the sky as if in flight past the building.
Looking out from high up at the 25 de Abril Bridge and Village Underground.