Lisbon day 1

After San Sebastián I decided to fly south to Lisbon to explore on my own for a few days. I visited in my early teens but don’t much remember that trip. I’ve wanted to visit again for ages - everyone’s photos look so vivid and interesting.

Lisbon did not disappoint.

Looking up an alleyway. The foreground is dark and in shadow, but the background is brightly lit by sun. The alley ends with a light coloured building covered in graffiti.
Looking up a narrow street in bright sunlight.
A funicular car descending a steep street in bright sunlight.
A photo taken looking through a glass shop window to the display inside. The display has multiple model cable cars, but it’s hard to make them out because of many reflections from the windows. The photo has a rather abstract feel.
A panorama of the neighbourhood of Alfama from a viewpoint. There’s a large cruise ship in the see directly in front.
Looking down on the red tile roofs of the Alfama neighbourhood
A photo of the walls and courtyard of a small house. The three walls are coloured in different shades of yellow - deep, mid, and light.
Looking straight down an empty underground train.
Looking directly down the central platform in a train station. On the left a train is waiting. The station is small and with a low roof.
A painting on a wall in the form of a comic strip. The main visible text starts ‘5 Outubro de 1910’.
A macro photo of a set of doorbells on the wall. There are 6 white buttons on a dark green base.
A macro photo of several cans of tuna stacked on a shelf. The cans have a vintage look and are labeled ‘Tricana’.
Looking up at a streetlamp in a narrow street. It’s daylight, so the streetlamp isn’t on.
A panorama of Lisbon at night. The streets are filled with yellow and white lights and a suspension bridge can be seen in the distance.