Tettegouche state park

I spent a very enjoyable morning hiking in Tettegouche state park up to High Falls and back. The paths got progressively more icy, which was an interesting challenge - time I got some microspikes I think.

A photo from the side of a highway looking over the side. Lake Superior is in the background.
A photo taken from the side of US highway 61.
A photo taken from under highway 61 as it passes over the Baptism river. There’s a blue arrow pointing to the right.
A photo taken from high up, overlooking a bend in Baptism river. The river is mostly covered in snow and ice. There’s sparkles in the air from snow flying about.
A photo taken from a steel footbridge over Baptism river. The camera is facing directly down the bridge.
A photo down the banks of the Baptism river. The river is 70% covered in snow and ice, with a wire bridge in the background crossing the river.
A small wooden lookout from above the Baptism river.
A panorama taken from the top of High Falls. The falls are partially frozen over with white and frothy ice.

High Falls were half frozen over - though I epxect it’ll be a few more weeks till they fully ice up. The falls are the highest waterfall fully in Minnesota.

A stepped wooden path descends a dark pine forest.
A photo of High Falls taken from the pool at it’s base. The water is partially frozen over.
High Falls from below.
A photo taken from the banks of baptism river. There’s dry grases in the foreground and sparkles from snow in the air.
Looking through leaf-less trees and pines to Lake Superior
A photo from the shore of Lake Superior, looking East. There’s snowy frocks on the right.