Off to the North Shore

A mini-trip within a bigger trip. With a free car and free weekend, I drove north from Minneapolis to visit the north shore of Lake Superior.

Frank Lloyd Wright gas station #

Another Atlas Obscura tip on the way to the North Shore. The only gas station by Frank Lloyd Wright, though I’m tipped off that there’s a model of one in a museum in New York.

Looking out the viewing area inside the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station.
A photo of the front of the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station. There’s gas pumps in the front and a tall sign reading ‘BEST’.
A photo directly facing a workbench inside an automotive garage.

Jay Cooke State Park #

Jay Cooke park stradles the St Louis river leading towards Duluth and Lake Superior. Bits of the shore were starting to ice up, but were a far way from being stable enough to stand on.

A long view across an icy river. There’s dark rocky outcrops coming out of the river. The river is partially frozen with creamy patches of ice at the sides.

I walked for a couple hours along the riverbanks until hunger got the better of me and I moved on to Duluth and a tasty lunch in a diner.

A photo from behind of a park bench overlooking a snowy river.
A photo looking through some branches at an icy river.
A photo of a rocky and snowy path in a forest.
A panorama from the banks of an icy river. There’s dark stones littering the riverbed and creamy ice in between.

Park Point #

Nature reserve / beach / sanddune. Very cold and windy.

A photo from a grey beach looking along the shore.
A grassy field with some trees on the right hand side.

Two Harbors #

A small sleepy town where I spent the night. Really nice local brewery.

A dark industrial pier in a bay. There’s a small lighthouse in the distance.
A pier receding in to the distance with a lighthouse at the end.
A small lighthouse at the end of a pier is silhouette in front of a setting sun.