Autumn in Windsor Great park

Autumn is upon us. It’s a little later this year, but no less beautiful. Last year I visited Westonbirt, this year to Windsor Great park.

Windsor has less maples than other places (or I neglected to find them), but plenty of nice areas to explore. The Savill Garden had a few, as well as a nice greenhouse with pumpkins and other fauna.

A photo of a tree trunk bending to the side with autumnal leaves behind.
A photo of several light orange maple with a dark background.
A close macro photo of the edges of several maple leaves. The image is deep red with dark orange leaves.
A macro photo of a light coloured maple leaf against a soft focus sky background.
A photo of a bush of ‘Russian sage’ or ‘perovskia atriplicifolia’. It’s very light grey or white, with a slate name tag in the centre.
A photo of several autumnal leaves against a dark background.
A photo of several closely grouped trees / trunks backlit by sun.
A photo of an autumnal red maple tree with yellow maple leaves in the background.
A wide photo of many orange maple leaves from underneath a maple tree.
A photo of four people walking in late evening sunlight. They’re silhouetted with sunlight behind them.