Walking the Rehberger way

A half hour outside Basel lies the Vitra Campus. It’s part factory, part museum, part showroom. Between there and Basel you can walk the Rehberger Way - a pleasant walk following the countryside and dotted with 24 sculptures.

Facing straight on a rectangular fountain in an open air square. There’s four flags on the right hand side.
A view inside an art installation at the Vitra Design Museum. There’s mirrors ahead and on the sides creating an infinite loop. The room is dark, but small squares of light repeat.
Looking towards a window inside the Vitra showroom. The room has a profile like a house with a pointed roof. Inside the room is a long table and bench.

Be wary visiting Vitra’s showroom - you’ll end up lusting after far too many things you don’t need.

A photo taken from the courtyard of the Vitra Design Museum showroom.
Inside the Vitra Design Museum archive. The room is brightly lit with aluminium shelves on each side receding in to the distance. On the shelves are many different chairs.
A detail shot of an unfinished metallic form of a Konstantin Grcic chair. The form is made of metal struts connected together with waste metal from the mould still visible.
A photo of a sculpture in a field. It consists of 12 poles emerging from the earth and pointing upwards. They’re arranged in a row, and are coloured like a rainbow, from green to blue, red, and yellow.

The Rehberger Way made for a lovely afternoon walk. Modernist, brightly coloured, angular. It’s a pity they don’t credit the artists involved on the website.

A viewing platform in Bauhaus style.
Looking down a field of vines in rows.
A photo of a corner of a building with a mural on the side. There’s a small monkey-puzzle tree in front.