Secret Cinema

Event photography

An immersive cinema experience. Tell no one.

An 'immersive cinema experience' that brings the audience closer than ever to the performance and emotion of the film.


A marine talks to a fellow soldier.
Giving orders, 2012 - see on flickr.
A woman in distress is given an IV.
Emergency response, 2012 - see on flickr.
A soldier attacks the camera.
Attack, 2012 - see on flickr.

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Saturday Night Fever

A group of people on a dance floor.
Three silhouetted dancers in smoke.
A woman dances whilst looking at her friend.
People dancing on on a lit-up dance floor.

Laura Marling

A man holding an origami paper bird, followed by other people.
A man drops yellow flower petals over a balcony.
Looking down on a staircase as people descend.
Laura Marling sings whilst playing the guitar.


Harry Tuttle uses pliers on some machinery.
Harry Tuttle, heating engineer, 2013 - see on flickr.
A woman wearing a shoe-hat talks to a man.
A woman with her head bandaged.
Mrs. Terrain, 2013 - see on flickr.
A Messerschmitt car on fire after being blown up.
Sabotage, 2013 - see on flickr.
A man wearing a mask holds an electric drill to another man’s head.
Patience, 2013 - see on flickr.
A man flies through the sky on giant wings.
Searching, 2013 - see on flickr.

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