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Helping people understand their energy use.

Onzo help make energy understandable. Watts and kilowatt hours are units that sound scary and make little sense. Onzo works to put them in context to help users get a better view of their household.

Photo of an energy display showing amount of power being used in a home.
Onzo’s energy display.

The Onzo smart energy kit is a low cost sensor and display that measure and collect a household's energy usage.

MyOnzo web service

Household data gets uploaded to the MyOnzo web service, where it's presented in a variety of forms - from graphs to illustrations.

Photo of a laptop displaying the MyOnzo web service.
MyOnzo dashboard

A range of 'energy tools' developed by Onzo help illustrate how much energy is used in different ways - eg during peak hours, or what the baseload (appliances on all the time) is.

Exploring the data

At the heart of the service is high-resolution energy data. Users can explore their usage in fully interactive graphs.

Energy graphs are fully interactive.

The graphs can show an overview of energy usage across years, down to minute-by-minute power consumption.

New ideas for communication

Onzo developed the technology to detect what appliances are being used in the home. This allows for new ideas - such as a utility bill that breaks down cost per appliance, or SMS alerts about faulty appliances.

A paper energy bill with costs broken out per appliance.
MyOnzo energy report
A phone receiving an SMS alert.
SMS alerts